Week 2 Should Students Play Games (software) in school?

Should Students Play Games (software) in school?

There is definitely a time and place for the implementation of games (software) in school. The instructor is responsible for integrating learning objectives and strategies especially when learning is carried out via software and games. The aim should be emphasized first, and students must be willing to accept responsibility for their learning with the aid of software and/or games. According to Roblyer & Doering (2013), integrated learning systems (ILSs) should not be used to take the place of the teacher; for the teacher holds the major accountability in the assessment results of students. If games can impact learning, then why not allow students to play.

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  1. Totally agreed. I believe that many people think that software games will be played ninety percent of the time. Based on the curriculum teachers will know when to engage students with games.

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