Week Seven Reflection


         I was green to the Twitter social network media before engaging in the Integrating Technology into Education class. I first learned that I would have to post my Twitter handle so others in the class would be able to tweet me. In turn, members in the class and the professor shared their Twitter handle so that I could Tweet them. Twitter handles of Tweeters I found most helpful were those who were genuine in their expressions of frustrations as well as their successes in completing technology assignments. Additionally, I especially appreciated Tweets that encouraged me maintain confidence in performing all the Tech assignments. To those Tweeters, I say, thank you so much. The Tweeter handles include but are not limited to @elfphd, @LeathanWaid, @Goodallkatie,  @wagner_elle, and @mccayahs.

I got off to a slow start with Twitter. Some handles had private settings, and I was not successful in getting through, probably due to the fact that I might have created more than one account and could not remember my passwords. Once I made it to a Tweet of followers and saw comments and pictures or faces with comments, I felt triumphant, and I implored tweeters to visit and comment on my blog page. I do realize that mastery and the use of Twitter can enhance my professional development and my students’ classroom experience.

By incorporating the use of Twitter within the classroom, teachers can encourage more student participation in class discussions as shy students participate more in written conversations. Because Twitter allows 140 character response limits, students can improve summarizing skills when they need to be concise with total clarity. Finally, parents, teachers, and students appreciate the fact that Tweet offers a private tool so that Tweeters can determine who can follow and tweet them.

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